Subdivision Bonds

Birds eye view of a suburban development in autumn

Also referred to as site improvement, completion, or simply performance bonds –subdivision/improvement bonds are between the owner/developer and the municipality. Developers are required to guaranty that public improvements associated with the development are completed such as street improvements, sidewalks, lights, curbs, gutters, drainage, etc. While these bonds sometimes have different names such as subdivision performance and payment bonds, offsite improvement bonds, or street improvement bonds, these bonds are generally the same in that they guaranty the terms and conditions of the subdivision improvement agreement.

Site Improvement Bonds
Monument Bonds
Maintenance Bonds
Utility Deposit
Tax Bonds

Small Subdivision Requirements

(Under $100,000)

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  • Provide your Subdivision agreement.
  • Provide Financial statement for your entity/principal.
  • Engineers Estimate of the bonded work.
  • Operating Agreement if applicable.
  • Copies of the municipalities bond forms.

  • Large Subdivision Requirements

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